A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Entry for the I Can't Draw game jam, April 2019.  This is a very simple side-scrolling platform action game. 

Mild content warning: defeatist and self-deprecating language.

As a struggling content creator, you have experienced failure, frustration, and rejection many, many times.  Desperate for inspiration, you seek the Scrolls of Creativity, containing the secrets of Imagination, Persistence, and Aptitude.  Slay your creative demons and finally realize the potential that has eluded you.

Remember, don't beat your head against the wall!  If a task seems insurmountable, take a break with Q!


Arrow keys: move, menu select

CTRL / Z: scream, menu confirm

ALT / X: jump

Q: return to stage select

Install instructions

The Linux version may need to be manually marked as executable.


Godawful Quest 1.2 [Win].zip 18 MB
Godawful Quest 1.2 [Linux].zip 18 MB
Godawful Quest 1.2 [Mac].zip 18 MB

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